How to Make an Appointment

If you would like to be seen at Mental Health Solutions, give us a call at 608-829-1800 or email us at We are open Monday through Thursday, 8am-6pm. and Fridays, 8am-5pm. Some of our therapists offer earlier and later hours. If you have an insurance policy that requires you to see specific providers, call your insurance company first for authorization to be seen by one of our therapists.

For your convenience, we list below some of our affiliations with HMOs and other insurance companies in our vicinity.

Unity or Physicians Plus

Call 608-282-8960 to speak with a Behavioral Health Consultation Specialist. Describe your circumstances and indicate your preference to be seen by one of our therapists. Note, however, that the Specialists prefer to make their own selections of therapists on their panel who might be the best fit for you given your description of issues, so you may not necessarily be referred to see one of our therapists. If you have a policy through Physicians Plus or Unity that allows you to go to the provider of your choice, then of course you can see one of our providers if that is your choice. Note also: all therapists at our clinic are Unity providers, but some of our therapists are not on the P+ panel.

Alliance, WPS, or Blue Cross-Blue Shield

No need for referrals for Alliance or WPS. You are allowed to schedule with us directly. This is also true for some, but not all Blue Cross - Blue Shield customers. Check with customer service (800-982-2616).

Group Health Cooperative

All of our therapists can accept GHC customers provided that they have been referred here and are pre-authorized to see us. Call 608-441-3290 to see if you can be referred to see the therapist of your choice at our clinic.

Dean Health Plan

We are not Dean Health Plan providers but it is sometimes possible that Dean will refer you to one of our therapists, especially when we offer a specialty service not readily available through Dean Clinics or when issues of confidentiality make it difficult to be seen at Dean (e.g. being a Dean employee, etc.). Call 608-252-8226 and inquire if it is possible to be referred to one of our therapists offering specialty treatments.

Referrals to Psychiatry

When medications are necessary to fully resolve a problem, we refer our own clients to primary care physicians, to our on-staff psychiatrist, or to other psychiatrists in the community. We have excellent working relationships with psychiatrists and physicians in the community and assist at a professional level in making sure that the combination of therapy and medication is working for our clients as effectively as possible. Psychiatrists who see clients at our clinic are accessed here at MHS only through referrals by our therapists. A psychiatrist who works for us may have offices in other clinics as well, and may have different arrangements for seeing clients at other facilities.