Photo of Zach Moran

Zach Moran,

Degrees: PhD

Sees: Adults and Adolescents (high school and older)

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Types of Clients

Adults and Adolescents (high school and older)

Treatment Specialties

Dr. Moran (Zach, if you prefer) is a licensed psychologist who emphasizes the importance of collaboration on individualized treatment for each client while drawing from the methods of scientifically supported techniques. While a generalist, Dr. Moran has particular expertise in the areas of mood and emotional struggles, coping with trauma, issues of identity, thought disorders, and integration of psychological wellbeing with religion, spirituality, and philosophy. Dr. Moran continually uses feedback from each client to ensure that we are on the right track toward addressing your concerns and progressing toward your goals. Dr. Moran embraces opportunities to work with individuals of all racial, cultural, religious/philosophical, gender and sexual orientations.

Training and Experience

PhD University of California-Los Angles (UCLA)

Intern at UCLA Counseling and Psychological Service

Undergraduate at the University of Wisconsin-Madison in psychology and philosophy

Dr. Moran also serves as a unit psychologist and research psychologist at the Mendota Mental Health Institute.


Dr. Moran has training and experience with a wide variety of treatment approaches and will work to match that approach to your individual needs and preferences. Techniques include cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), psychodynamic psychotherapy, mindfulness-based models, and interpersonal therapy.